Waist Bead Instructions

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In this post, we're showing you the ropes – literally – of sizing your tie-on and barrel clasp waist beads.

If you've bought your waist beads from our Mawiblo.com or Etsy shop, you'll find an instruction card that accompanied your order. But if you've lost it or if your waist beads were purchased elsewhere, the following steps should apply to most tie-on and barrel clasp waist beads.

First, let's tackle how to size Tie-On Waist Beads.

  1. Start by moving the knotted beads at both ends to the furthest points on the bead strand, but don't remove them just yet. With a simple pinch between your forefinger and thumb, each bead should slide smoothly. If you find it tricky, try loosening the knot by tugging gently on the end bead.
  2. Next, determine the length of your waist beads by wrapping the strand around your torso. Be mindful of leaving enough space for comfort when you sit or when your stomach expands. The positioning depends on your preference - higher placement for weight accountability, lower for manifestation purposes, or modest traditional wear.
  3. Move the excess beads away from the measured section that will encircle your waist. Secure your beads by tying several tight knots. If you're setting intentions while doing so, you could develop a ritual with a specific number of knots. For me, the number three holds significance, so I tie three knots, and before each, I wrap the string around itself thrice. Whatever your chosen number, ensure each knot is tightly secured.
  4. Lastly, snip off the string of excess beads. And voila! You have perfectly sized tie-on waist beads. If you're feeling adventurous, or have a helping hand, you can optionally seal the string ends by quickly tapping them with a flame or lighter.

Now, let's move on to sizing Barrel Clasp Waist Beads.

  1. Wrap the bead strand around your waist, making sure the longest clasp remains closest to your body and the shortest clasp is further away. Measure your beads, considering room for expansion when you sit.
  2. Pinch and hold the desired length spot, then remove the waist beads. Cut the strand side with the shorter clasp (the one that was further from your body), but ensure enough string remains to tie a few knots. Be sure to have a container nearby to catch any stray beads.
  3. After removing the extra beads, thread back through the short clasp, and secure it with three knots as close to the clasp center as possible. Snip the thread close to the final knot.
  4. Finally, put on your waist beads by connecting the barrels. And just like that, you've got your beautifully fitted waist beads!

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