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Kanaka Maoli/Rastafarian Tie-On African Waist Beads

Kanaka Maoli/Rastafarian Tie-On African Waist Beads

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Mawiblo Rasta & Kanaka Maoli Pride Tie-On Waist Beads - Red, Yellow, Green -

Adorn yourself in the vibrant cultures of Rastafarianism and Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) identity with Mawiblo's exquisitely handcrafted tie-on waist beads. Each strand is a lovingly crafted piece of art, designed to celebrate and connect you with these rich traditions through the symbolic colors of red, yellow, and green. Wear them as a statement of unity, heritage, and personal growth.

**Symbolic Color Meanings:**

**Rastafarian Colors:**
- Red: Represents the blood of martyrs in the struggle for liberation and justice.
- Yellow (Gold): Symbolizes the wealth of the homeland, Africa, and hope for prosperity and peace.
- Green: Reflects the beauty and vegetation of the promised land, Ethiopia, emphasizing hope and the importance of the land.

**Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) Colors:**
- Red: Stands for the sacredness of the land (ina) and the bloodline of the Native Hawaiian people, emphasizing their strength and unbreakable connection to the land.
- Yellow: Symbolizes the divine power (mana) and presence of the gods in the natural world, highlighting spirituality and royal ties.
- Green: Represents the land's fertility, life, and growth, celebrating the nurturing aspect of the ina that sustains life.

**About Mawiblo:**
Mawiblo is dedicated to celebrating the rich tapestry of global cultures through our handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is made with love, aiming to connect our customers with the stories and traditions that inspire our designs. Embrace your beauty, history, and identity with Mawiblo.


Add this unique piece to your collection today and carry the spirit of Rasta and Kanaka Maoli wherever you go!

This listing is for a single (1) waist bead strand in a single color per quantity chosen. To purchase multiple colors, add the quantity and color of your first selection to your cart. Then, just return to the listing by clicking on it again (in your cart) and repeat the process with the next color you want.

All of our Tie-On Waist Beads have 45 inches of beads, with 55+ inches of string and include instructions on how to properly size them to your waist. Great for MOST SIZES.

Made with doubled-up durable cotton strands and African beads.

Due to the hygienic nature of body jewelry, we do not accept returns, but please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

***Please ensure your shipping address is correct, as we will not issue shipping related refunds after your order has been sent out. Each order is shipped swiftly and includes a tracking number for your reference.***

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