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Money Manifestation Tie-On African Waist Beads

Money Manifestation Tie-On African Waist Beads

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Mawiblo Money Manifestation Tie-On African Waist Beads

Step into the flow of abundance with our Mawiblo Money Manifestation Tie-On African Waist Beads. Handcrafted with colors symbolizing prosperity and good fortune, they serve as a constant, tangible reminder of your wealth manifestation journey.

  • Blue, representing wisdom and confidence, aligns you with the mindset needed to attract prosperity.
  • Gold is the universal color of wealth and success, symbolizing high value, luxury, and prosperity.
  • Green is the color of growth and renewal, mirroring the steady increase and flow of money.
  • Copper, with its energy-conducting properties, helps to amplify your intentions and attract abundance.
  • White and Clear beads represent clarity and purity, symbolizing your focused intention and unobstructed path towards wealth.

We have also carefully woven in a powerful trio - red, black, and gold - colors traditionally recognized in many Eastern cultures as potent symbols of good luck and financial fortune.

  • Red represents good luck, joy, and wealth.
  • Black symbolizes money, wealth, and prosperity.
  • Gold, again, stands for wealth and prosperity.

Our Mawiblo Money Manifestation Tie-On African Waist Beads are more than an accessory. They are a tool to align you with the energy of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. As you tie them on, set your intentions, visualizing the wealth and abundance you are inviting into your life. Remember, wealth is not only about financial gain but also about an overall abundance of love, joy, health, and prosperity in all aspects of life. Step into the flow with confidence and grace.

This listing is for a single (1) waist bead strand in a single color per quantity chosen. To purchase multiple colors, add the quantity and color of your first selection to your cart. Then, just return to the listing by clicking on it again (in your cart) and repeat the process with the next color you want.

All of our Tie-On Waist Beads have 45 inches of beads, with 55+ inches of string and include instructions on how to properly size them to your waist. Great for MOST SIZES.

Made with doubled-up durable cotton strands and African beads.

Due to the hygienic nature of body jewelry, we do not accept returns, but please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

***Please ensure your shipping address is correct, as we will not issue shipping related refunds after your order has been sent out. Each order is shipped swiftly and includes a tracking number for your reference.***

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