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Purple and Red "Regal Vibes" Tie-On African Waist Beads

Purple and Red "Regal Vibes" Tie-On African Waist Beads

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Mawiblo Purple and Red "Regal Vibes" Tie-On African Waist Beads

Immerse yourself in the essence of royalty with our Purple and Red "Regal Vibes" Tie-On African Waist Beads. This exquisite handcrafted accessory marries the power of red and the grandeur of purple, manifesting a royal ambience that radiates confidence and elegance.

The "Regal Vibes" waist beads are a testament to the following color significances:

- Purple traditionally linked with nobility, luxury, and power, imparts an air of dignity and grandeur. The presence of purple in these waist beads is a nod to your inherent worth and the majestic aura you carry.

- Red the color of energy, passion, and action, provides a vibrant contrast to purple. It embodies the courage, resilience, and vitality that define your spirit, symbolizing your drive and capacity to reign over your realm.

The fusion of these two potent colors in our "Regal Vibes" waist beads serves to amplify your regal nature. The combination not only symbolizes royalty but also reinforces it, acting as a constant reminder of your sovereign potential.

Adorn these waist beads and let them serve as an emblem of your regality. Allow them to remind you of the power you hold within, the confidence you radiate, and the grandeur that is your birthright. Embrace the "Regal Vibes", embrace your royal essence.

This listing is for a single (1) waist bead strand in a single color per quantity chosen. To purchase multiple colors, add the quantity and color of your first selection to your cart. Then, just return to the listing by clicking on it again (in your cart) and repeat the process with the next color you want.

All of our Tie-On Waist Beads have 45 inches of beads, with 55+ inches of string and include instructions on how to properly size them to your waist. Great for MOST SIZES.

Made with doubled-up durable cotton strands and African beads.

Due to the hygienic nature of body jewelry, we do not accept returns, but please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

***Please ensure your shipping address is correct, as we will not issue shipping related refunds after your order has been sent out. Each order is shipped swiftly and includes a tracking number for your reference.***

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