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Tumbled Amethyst

Tumbled Amethyst

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Dive deep into the world of spiritual allure with our Tumbled Amethyst, a gem resonating the powerful rhythm of the cosmos. At Mawiblo, we understand the profound language of colors, and with Amethysts vibrant violet hue, there's an otherworldly story waiting to be told.

Each Amethyst is a sacred symphony of purples, dancing from lilac's softness to deep violet's mystery. Revered throughout history, its rich color is believed to activate the Crown Chakra, aligning you with the divine. Beyond the spiritual, the hue resonates calmness, enhancing meditation and intuition.

Amethyst's cooling color ushers in serenity, fostering a clearer mind and spiritual awakening. Let it be your companion in deep introspection, or simply a beautiful token reminding you of the universes wonders.

How to care for your Amethyst: Keep your stone away from prolonged sunlight to maintain its deep color. Cleanse it under cool running water and recharge under the moonlight.
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