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Tumbled Clear Quartz

Tumbled Clear Quartz

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Lovingly known as the "Master Healer" in crystal communities, this our Tumbled Clear Quartz encapsulates the essence of pure, radiant light. Its transparent visage refracts all colors, making it a universal conduit for energy and intentions.

A Kaleidoscope of Energies: The very nature of Clear Quartz resonates with the full spectrum of colors. This makes it not just a stunning piece to behold but a powerful tool in amplifying and channeling energy through color vibrations.

Honoring Tradition & Embracing Evolution: Historically, Clear Quartz has been revered in various cultures as a spiritual touchstone. From amplifying thoughts and intentions, to magnifying ambient energies in a space, it's a gem that seamlessly aligns with Mawiblo's ethos of intertwining tradition with personal evolution.

Suggested Uses:

Place Clear Quartz on your workspace to cultivate clarity and amplify your intentions.
Incorporate it into your meditation routine to deepen focus and enhance color visualization.
Combine with other colored stones in jewelry or grid layouts to boost their energies through the quartz's amplifying properties.
Care: Cleanse your Clear Quartz periodically under running water, charge it under the moonlight, and nestle it among other crystals to keep its energies vibrant.
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