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Tumbled Tiger's Eye

Tumbled Tiger's Eye

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Tiger's Eye, known for its captivating bands of gold and rich browns, serves as a testament to that belief.

Historical & Spiritual Significance:
In many cultures, Tiger's Eye has been revered as a stone of protection and prosperity. Traditionally believed to endow the wearer with a bold spirit and clear insight, this radiant gem also aids in grounding and stabilizing one's aura.

Chakras & Alignments:
Connected intimately with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, Tiger's Eye amplifies personal willpower and creativity. When you hold or wear this stone, visualize your ambitions coming into sharp focus, fuelled by the fire of these chakras.

Your Modern Spiritual Journey:
How you connect with Tiger's Eye can be a personal and evolving narrative. Whether worn as jewelry, used in meditation, or simply kept close to bask in its energy, let this stone remind you of your inner power and vision.

Care Instructions:
To ensure your Tiger's Eye maintains its brilliance, cleanse it periodically. This can be done under the moonlight, with sage, or by placing it on a selenite plate. Like any precious gem, handle with love and intention.

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